TechRecruiters is the job seeker's Employment Advantage.
TechRecruiters’ honest approach to recruiting has resulted in many direct and long-term employee-employer relationships. TechRecruiters is a highly respected, service-driven Engineering-Technical Recruiting and Staffing Firm that matches job seekers with quality companies that are looking to add motivated employees to their staff. 

One of the primary reasons for this enviable record is that TechRecruiters:

  • Takes the time to discuss the job for which we are recruiting
  • Talks to you about your background, education, job history and the skills you have worked hard to acquire during your career
  • Works past the basics to find out if the job in question is a good fit for you
  • Goes even further to review the opportunity and the company we are representing to determine if their culture and expectations are consistent with your goals
  • And, most importantly, find out what motivates you to be the best at what you do

This level of personal interaction is just one of the reasons so many of our satisfied associates will attest that TechRecruiters consistently goes above and beyond their expectations when helping them find a new job.

While there is a lot more to successful recruiting, TechRecruiters’ experience is when a good recruiter looks past the pragmatics of a candidate’s resume to incorporate the whole person into the equation, good things happen.

Equal Opportunity Employer

TechRecruiters’ policy is to provide equal employment opportunity…

… in sourcing, recruiting, hiring and privileges of employment, compensation, benefits, transfers, discipline, layoffs, recalls, or termination of employment.
…to all employees without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, military service, sex or age, except where sex, age, or national origin is a necessary qualification.
… as defined by law and governmental regulations, requires affirmative steps to ensure the full utilization of minorities, women, and other protected classes throughout the work force. It is the intention of TechRecruiters, Inc. to adhere to both the letter and spirit of applicable laws and regulations.

It is in this spirit that TechRecruiters will make every effort to assist its customers in meeting its equal employment opportunity and affirmative action hiring goals.

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