Your Competitive Advantage for Engineering & Technical Staffing

TechRecruiters was founded on a simple yet powerful tenet. That was to bring a personal and honest element to staffing.

After more than a decade in business, our many long-term and repeat customers will agree that TechRecruiters has remained true to this promise. In fact, since a majority of our business originates from customers that average an impressive 15-year working relationship with the company’s owner, this proof is reaffirmed every day.

One of the reasons TechRecruiters has been blessed with such great customers is they know we understand the tremendous impact our efforts have had on their success – and that we take this responsibility very seriously. This is why we recruit hard and take the time to personally (and thoroughly) prescreen and prequalify every candidate being considered for their open position(s).

Add to this a higher than expected level of personal service, technical acumen and honesty and it is understandable that TechRecruiters has earned the trust of companies worldwide – from multinational corporations to closely held engineering-driven firms employing just a few people. In fact, regardless of the number of people you are looking to hire, or what the position is or even the duration your company may need staffing support, look no further than TechRecruiters.

And once TechRecruiters has earned your trust, we will then work even harder to keep it.

TechRecruiters is your Competitive Advantage for Engineering and Technical Staffing.
Contract and Contract-to-Direct Staffing
As our country continues to recover from some of the most “interesting economic times” in memory, it is creating many new challenges for today’s leaner and meaner companies.

In fact, no matter how well managed your firm is, there will be times when there is more work to do than people to get it done. When that happens, give TechRecruiters a call.

Whether you need an employee for a short period of time, are unsure how long you will need support or are looking for long-term solutions, TechRecruiters will be happy to discuss how our Contract and Contract-to-Hire staffing solutions will help your company balance its on-demand human resource needs.

Direct Hire

In the past year or so, there has been some good news, bad news, and finally some better news when it comes to human resources planning.

The good news is some key technology and manufacturing segments are reporting that they are seeing sustained increases in the business activity and are looking to add employees to meet this new demand.

The bad news is that this sudden surge in activity is creating unforeseen competition for top-quality employees that hasn’t been experienced in years. In fact, many of our customers are telling us they are finding it increasingly difficult to find high-quality employees on their own.

The better news is TechRecruiters is poised to assist you with your Direct Hire needs. By utilizing TechRecruiters for Direct Hire staffing, your company benefits in many ways:

  • It saves your HR staff and hiring managers countless hours as TechRecruiters digs deep to source quality candidates who are good personal and professional fits for your position.
  • Then we save your staff even more time by completing initial interviews and preparing in-depth candidate profiles for their consideration.
  • Sets up all interviews, checks employment and educational histories, as well as verifying/checking all qualified references.

TechRecruiters is extremely proud of its hiring/employee retention record when placing employees directly with their customers. Give TechRecruiters a call to see how they can add value to your Direct Hiring efforts.

TechRecruiters also provides employee payroll services for businesses of all sizes. 
TechRecruiters is your Competitive Advantage for Engineering and Technical Staffing.

Payrolling Services

While there are many advantages to utilizing TechRecruiters to host your payroll, some of the key reasons companies have taken advantage of our Payrolling service are:
  • Streamlines your payroll process, saving time and money for your company.
  • Eliminates virtually all pre- and post-hire employee-related paperwork, along with new hire reporting; including all necessary unemployment reporting and other associated costs.
  • TechRecruiters takes care of all necessary employee payroll tax filings and wage garnishing when required.
  • Direct deposit available to all employees.
TechRecruiters understands every company has a unique set of payrolling needs. This is the reason we provide a wide range of secure Payroll input options from fax, email, voice or internet-based for your convenience.   

Feel free to give TechRecruiters a call to see how our Payroll services can save your company time, money, and vastly simplify your payrolling functions.

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